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Writers Wanted

@mountsbridgewater needs writers in order to publish lots of new material.  Why don’t you write a piece for the blog so that it will build into a full diary of our learning journey this year?  Here are some ideas for topics:

  • My first impressions of Bridgewater/my first day at school
  • Sports reports – if you take part in a school team, why not publish the match report on the blog?
  • 3 things I’ve learnt recently – this can be any subject: 3 things I’ve learnt in Science this term, 3 things I’ve learnt in Geography/Music/DT etc
  • As you build your puppet, perhaps you would like to tell everyone a story that stars your puppet.
  • If you feel strongly about a certain issue – global warming/Africa/human rights/fishing etc – please do write something for the blog.
  • Poetry
  • A short story – maybe you write science fiction in your spare time. The blog is the perfect place to publish these so everyone can read them.
  • Diaries inspired by historical characters we have studied in our history lessons.
  • Material about Sierra Leone and our link school.

Alfie’s Unusual poem

Alfie says he often finds writing difficult, but his grandmother helped with the spelling. We’re all really glad she did. Another poem inspired by Haphazard House:


Through the floor boards of fabulous flamingos

I saw a cockatoo cooking greasy grapes.

Through the car window of confusing clocks

I saw dolphins dancing with unusual uniforms.

In the ocean of outrageous octopuses

I saw shrimps skidding on whooshing whales.

More poetry from Isabelle

Isabelle has been busy writing more poetry at home. The first one sounds like you could set it to music. Here are some examples:


A Poem

When I woke up one morning with a smile upon my face,

I went downstairs to breakfast with a bagel in my place!

When I went to a football match with my dad,

I realized that his team were very bad!

When we went home with my friend round for tea,

Afterwards we stuffed our faces with popcorn while watching TV!

Then came the sleepover which is always the best,

But then we had to feed the badgers who are always a pest!

I went down to the kitchen the next morning,

To see all four cats yawning!

Then we went to the Alford Arms for lunch,

But because we were in a restaurant I wasn’t allowed to munch!



Imagine mice as small as rice,

Imagine a bee as big as a tree.

Imagine a cat as flat as a mat,

Imagine a dog as small as a frog.

Imagine a snail as big as a blue whale,

Imagine a build’ a ’bear as big as a chair.

Imagine a mop as big as a shop,

Imagine a seal pup as small as a cup.

Election Fever Mounts II

With two ‘postal’ votes still to be counted, the election of Class Rep and Deputy Class Rep looks very close. In all eight candidates put their names forward. Each had to deliver a speech and answer questions at the hustings in today’s PSHE lesson.  The votes have been collected but there are still two people who were away on Monday who are entitled to make their choice. The result will be declared upon their return to Mounts this week. Thank you and good luck to everyone who stood.

Isabelle’s Haphazard House poem

Haphazard House

Through the curtains of craziness,

I saw a monkey mowing a frozen fly.

Through the window of weather,

I saw a mouse munching McDonalds on a snowy sunbed.

In the garden of green gorillas,

 I saw a hairy hippotamas skating down a slippery slide.

In the flowerbed of fat funky felines,

I saw a snowman sewing a carpet of Koalas.

Election Fever Mounts…

The ballot box comes to Mounts this week, when elections take place for School Council representatives and Eco reps. Those wishing to stand for election need to be thinking about their speeches this weekend ready for the PSHE lesson on Monday.

Model Behaviour or Little Monsters?

Today we have been trying out our new behaviour chart on the whiteboard. We can record examples of good teamwork, great ideas, focused reading and helpful behaviour.  It also counts every time we forget to bring our homework, accidentally interrupt someone, get up out of our chair or make a wrong choice. We have a different, colourful monster avatar to represent each one of us. It even works by remote control out in the playground, so now Mounts have to be well behaved wherever we go in the school!