More poetry from Isabelle

Isabelle has been busy writing more poetry at home. The first one sounds like you could set it to music. Here are some examples:


A Poem

When I woke up one morning with a smile upon my face,

I went downstairs to breakfast with a bagel in my place!

When I went to a football match with my dad,

I realized that his team were very bad!

When we went home with my friend round for tea,

Afterwards we stuffed our faces with popcorn while watching TV!

Then came the sleepover which is always the best,

But then we had to feed the badgers who are always a pest!

I went down to the kitchen the next morning,

To see all four cats yawning!

Then we went to the Alford Arms for lunch,

But because we were in a restaurant I wasn’t allowed to munch!



Imagine mice as small as rice,

Imagine a bee as big as a tree.

Imagine a cat as flat as a mat,

Imagine a dog as small as a frog.

Imagine a snail as big as a blue whale,

Imagine a build’ a ’bear as big as a chair.

Imagine a mop as big as a shop,

Imagine a seal pup as small as a cup.


2 responses to “More poetry from Isabelle

  1. I think that the first one would be good set to music as song lyrics.

  2. Now there is a very good selection. Really enjoyed reading these poems. Thank you for sharing them.

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