Writers Wanted

@mountsbridgewater needs writers in order to publish lots of new material.  Why don’t you write a piece for the blog so that it will build into a full diary of our learning journey this year?  Here are some ideas for topics:

  • My first impressions of Bridgewater/my first day at school
  • Sports reports – if you take part in a school team, why not publish the match report on the blog?
  • 3 things I’ve learnt recently – this can be any subject: 3 things I’ve learnt in Science this term, 3 things I’ve learnt in Geography/Music/DT etc
  • As you build your puppet, perhaps you would like to tell everyone a story that stars your puppet.
  • If you feel strongly about a certain issue – global warming/Africa/human rights/fishing etc – please do write something for the blog.
  • Poetry
  • A short story – maybe you write science fiction in your spare time. The blog is the perfect place to publish these so everyone can read them.
  • Diaries inspired by historical characters we have studied in our history lessons.
  • Material about Sierra Leone and our link school.

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