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New half term

Don’t forget the English Enrichment activity this week: bring a poem to your English lesson tomorrow that you would like to read out and don’t forget to tell us a few reasons why this poem particularly appeals to you (for full details see the post from 14th October below).

See you all tomorrow….


New things

Lots of new things appearing among the links – anything from making a portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso to designing your own planet. There are spelling games, a gingerbread man to decorate and a new section on writers for you to explore. Has anyone visited the Amazing Word Tamer yet?

200 up

Over 200 visitors and still going strong. For the creative among you who enjoy playing with Bonomo, have you seen the other new art links on the right hand of the page?

Not just for the children….

Parents and relatives, apart from having a snapshot of some of the work going on in our classroom, you too can comment on the work you see on the blog. Remember to call yourself  ‘Melissa’s Mum’, ‘David’s Dad’, ‘Caroline’s Gran’, etc.

There are some useful/stimulating articles and opinion columns under PARENTS section in the links.

If you have a Twitter account, page update announcements will soon be made on @mountsbrdgwtr (currently there are a few compatibility problems with the Herts Grid for Learning filter) so you will also be able to follow us that way.

History and RE News

In RE we’ve spent the first half term thinking about our role in the world and examining our beliefs about what makes a good person, what inspires us, what makes life worth living and considering some of life’s ultimate questions. This half term we will be studying the Jewish religion – understanding what Jews believe about their contract with God and Promised Land and how their beliefs impact on their everyday lives.

In History, having learnt about Henry VII and Henry VIII, we will looking at life in Tudor times, using evidence such as wills and inventories to find different standards of living among the rich and the poor. We will look at rich and poor people’s houses and also consider how for the homeless,  begging was considered a punishable offence.

Here is a comic radio guide to life in Tudor times presented by Barney Haywood:


Blogging over Half Term

Yesterday was our busiest day ever on the blog as interest is growing in this site. It will be updated over the half term holiday with a few new links to stimulating websites and games.

If you write anything interesting, do send it in and your writing can appear over the holiday too for the whole world to read (13 different countries so far today).

Do use the blog to comment about each other’s work and use the comments boxes to submit any of your own writing. The form will ask you for an email address: the only person who can read this is the moderator Mr Heritage and the reason this is collected is so comments and personal information can be monitored, and if necessary edited, so that nothing hurtful appears on this site.

Always check with your parents before you let anyone else know your email address.

To learn more about Internet Safety, visit the Think You Know website (operated by CEOP – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency). It tells you how you can have fun on the internet but also stay in control and how to make a report if you see something that upsets you.

Half Term

Was it only seven weeks ago that we  all lined up for our first full day at school? The time has flown by and now we are all feeling like veterans. The four most popular things about Bridgewater that were most commented on this afternoon in Circle Time were:

  • the independence in our learning.
  • school dinners.
  • the variety of lunchtime clubs and activities.
  • meeting new friends.
Have a great half term everyone. Remember to practise reading your poems for the English lesson on Monday as soon as we get back.