A big hello to St Veronica’s Community School in Uganda!

The sign at the entrance to St Veronica's Community School

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted that we have had a visit to our class blog from Uganda. We’d like to extend a big welcome to our Berkhamsted blog especially to the children of St Veronica’s School in the Kibaale District in western Uganda  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibaale_District

Mr Heritage hosted a visit from Mr John Kasaija, the school’s Director, to High Wycombe early in 2009 and travelled to Uganda in May of that year to see St Veronica’s for himself: many of the children at the school are orphans (which means that their parents have died); the children do not have Smartboards and all the technology that we take for granted in our classrooms; many of the classrooms were mud huts, open to the elements; there was no electricity on the site, nor even running water. Travel across the area was difficult and could be impossible after heavy rains.  Mr Heritage spent a lot of time travelling the area on the backs of motorbike taxis (the Boda Boda), as there are very few cars in the Kyebando sub-county (an area about the size of Dacorum Borough). The children in the area speak Runyoro ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runyoro) but their school lessons are in English. They learn a very similar curriculum to children in England.

Storm damaged hut classroom

St Veronica’s buildings are very exposed to the elements. When it rained, a lot of the displays and work got wet, but the sun would come out and dry everything off again. Recently serious damage has been done to the school by heavy storms, which means children have had to attend lessons in wrecked classrooms.  This has made it important that solid, permanent classrooms are constructed on the site.

More details will follow about the recent building projects taking place in  St Veronica’s school soon.


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