Recruitment by Alfie

3rd November 1914

Waving the flag of Britain, the Recruitment Sergeant marched into town. He and his soldiers made their way through the grand entrance of the town hall, showing off their smart uniforms. Berkhamsted was buzzing. There were masses of people queuing just to get in the town hall. People shoved past me, I fell. The sergeant suddenly noticed me. He picked me up and announced “This young sonny will be the first to join the army.” My heart was pounding, my mum was crying “go”, I was so proud. I got paid just to give the Hun a bloody nose. Then I noticed my friend, he was going home. I was shocked and almost cried that my best friend wouldn’t be by my side. Then the sergeant shouted at him “you coward,” and threw a white feather at him. I finally forgot about it. I marched on with the other thousands.


One response to “Recruitment by Alfie

  1. Alfie,
    Not bad! We really enjoyed reading this! A very descriptive piece of work – we could really picture the scene. Good use of descriptive language. Kind regards, Year 7 set 1.

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