Recruitment by Grace

3rd November 1914

Dear Diary,

Today I signed up to fight in the war. The recruiting sergeant went to the centre of Berkhamsted town waving a flag. He said about joining the war. So me and my friends joined it. There were more than 500,000 people in the crowd. We got marched into the town hall and given bright, shiny new uniforms. It was amazing when we got a whole shilling. After that we got on a very crowded train while our loved ones waved us off. Everyone was so excited and we were all all so happy.


3 responses to “Recruitment by Grace

  1. Wonder how they felt about it a year later.

    • Thanks for comment. Great to see how work we do in our Hertfordshire classroom (and sometimes out of the classroom – we did army drill in the playground the next day) on a damp November afternoon can be read and commented on in Texas.

      These pieces are written by 9 and 10 year olds in their English lesson and some of this writing will form the content of our Remembrance Day assembly. The story will develop over the next week on our blog.

  2. thank you

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