Recruitment by Louis

3rd November 1914

Today I was coming home from the market when a huge crowd formed around the town hall of Berkhamsted. I asked what was going on to my friend. He said that they were signing up recruits to fight in a war and it was going to be great and go on adventures and stuff.  He even said that he and all my other mates are going to sign up and if George, Sam Luke and James are doing it, then I’m doing it. He even said that we are going to get paid for it!!! I’m so excited about my first adventure

  1. Because of all the equipment and suits we get to use and wear.
  2. All of my mates are signing up and we’re going to have a great time together.
  3. We are all going to be paid some money to do something really fun.
  4. If I didn’t sign up to the army, they hand or throw a white feather at you showing your cowardliness.

So I was definitely going to sign up.


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