Drama by Emily and Alice

Ten men waiting in the trenches for the whistles to blow. Sergeant Montgomery is shouting orders at his soldiers.

Sergeant: Everyone in line. On the whistle start to run across No Man’s Land.

Tom (to Jerry): I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to work.

Sergeant: No talking young lad or your out first.

(Tom gulps)

Jerry: Someones’s getting moody.

Sam: Who?

Tom: The sergeant.

Sergeant: I said silence! (getting angry). One, two, three, beep (he blows his whistle)

All of the soldiers start to run out towards No Man’s Land. The Germans start shooting.

Sergeant: Keep going lads, keep going.

Tom (to Jerry): This is tricky, I don’t like running across No Man’s Land with all these craters around. Especially the ones filled with water.

Jerry: Look out Sam, there’s a bomb!

But it is too late, Sam was already dead. BANG!!

Sam: Aaarh!

Jerry/Tom: Nnnooo!!!

Jerry and Tom run back to the trench and start pacing up and down in distress.

Sergeant: Well, how did it go sonny?

Jerry: Badly

Tom (to the Sergeant) He’s feeling a little distressed for Sam was shot.

Tom tries to hide the truth and also tries to hide his distress.

Sergeant: Don’t worry lads, stew will definitely cheer you up.

Tom and Jerry: Oh No!


One response to “Drama by Emily and Alice

  1. Well done Emily and Alice this is a really good play script! Keep up all the good work

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