Letter from Isabelle

C Company

Hertfordshire Regiment



4th June 1915

To Mother and Father,

The war is getting worse! Oliver is dead. He was on night patrol and got shot. I can hear the shooting and I was terrified. But when the guns are not shooting I die of boredom. I have signed up for night patrol tonight with Tom, but I’m really scared. I haven’t had any sleep for weeks because I’m scared that I will get shot! Oh I wish I’d listened to you and not gone to war. Plus I need you to do the washing. My clothes are drenched in mud. And the meals are so boring! Stews every single day. Oh how I wish for your chicken currys that I thought were disgusting. My arms have gone all floppy from holding my machine gun. Oh by the way thanks for sending me another hat because mine had a dent in it.

Lots of love



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