Complex sentences

We’ve been changing some simple sentences into complex ones in today’s English lesson:

We started with: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.

But look what we came up with by the end of the lesson:

As Humpty Dumpty sat there still as a statue, he started to whistle a tuneful song and the wall started to fall over. (Penny)

Wandering around absently mindedly humming to himself, Humpty Dumpty was trying to decide what to do when he noticed a heavily damaged wall and he decided to sit on it. (Angus)

Holding a box of fish and chips, Humpty Dumpty munched away vigorously, while waving wildly to the Queen, who was passing by in her coach, pulled by ten honey coloured horses. (Isabelle)

Excitedly, Humpty Dumpty the animal lover sat quietly on the ancient wall, watching a very gentle, small, grey pug sniffing curiously at the old battered box, which lay on the floor. (Olivia)

Clapping and cheering, we watched Humpty Dumpty dancing happily on the wall in the park wearing a black shirt, a tall hat and a rose in one of the pockets  of his shirt. (Molly)

Humpty Dumpty, who loved to sing, whistled a tune, while tottering precariously on a very old and battered wall that would hardly hold up his weight. (Rowan)


2 responses to “Complex sentences

  1. LOVE IT!!!! Well done guys, I can see that you really understand the concept – some of my favourites were the sentences written by Angus and Isabelle.

  2. These are great! Very funny indeed. And what a great website too. Well done Mr H..!

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