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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Those of you who’ve been enjoying (or even those of you who missed them first time round) the RI Christmas lectures might like to know that they are available to watch again on the RI website alongside other recent RI Christmas lecture seasons:


Track Santa on Google maps

Not long now…….

See where Santa is on his way round the world by following him on the NORAD Santa website:

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

For those of you who are dreaming of a White Christmas and wondering what chance you have of waking up on Christmas morning to a blanket of the white stuff, here is a link to the Met Office infographic about previous White Christmases:

House Art & Design Competition

Don’t forget the House art competition over Christmas. Based on the Olympic ideals, your work should be inspired by one of these five words:






Draw, paint, build, make, photograph, animate or sculpt a work in 2D, 3D or 4D! 

Bring your work to school the week we come back after the Christmas holidays.

Good luck.


Tudor Day 2011

Today Year 5 came to school and spent the morning working as Tudor apprentices, learning a range of crafts including soap-making, Blackwork embroidery, candle-making, miniature painting, calligraphy and bread-making.

In the afternoon we celebrated with a Tudor Christmas feast, with the children providing the entertainment as jesters, jugglers, dancers and actors.

World War One revisited

Olivia made a Powerpoint presentation based on some of the things we were learning for our Remembrance Day Assembly last month:

World War One

Settings: Where in the world are we describing?

We did some speed writing this morning. Can you guess where we are describing?

I saw the gold, magnificent ornament crosses. The crowd was bustling like termites trying to make a nest. I could hear lots of languages, like American, Australian, Japanese, Chinese. The sun burnt my back as the hot rays touched my skin. (Alice)

The warm, golden sun was behind me and urged me to take my cardigan off. I can hear a Chinese man shouting impatiently and soldiers are telling him to “Shut up”. I glance up at the monster and admire its strong marble pillars And glass windows with platinum frames. The golden fence is as shiny as the moon. For some reason it reminds me of Italy – oh how I do miss my home country. I can now smell a cigar on the floor. A guard commands me to put it in the bin. All the way in London everyone is so excited!!! (Alfie)

It is a huge place, with huge oak tree wooden doors with about a thousand windows glittering in the sunlight. Everyone is talking loudly and is bustling about. You can hear babys crying loudly and tourists snapping away wildly on their cameras. Half the people I can hear don’t even talk English. I can hear Spanish, French, American, German, Japanese, Chinese and Polish. Around the edge of the building, which was as tall as about six giraffes was a gate with little golden statues. Suddenly the crowd gasped as we saw the Queen standing on the top of the balcony. Everyone cheers and then she goes quickly. I can hear the soldiers stamping their feet. (Isabelle)

Click here to see if you are right: