History Enrichment project

Henry VIII is having an important visitor, King Francis I of France, coming to dine at Hampton Court Palace. King Henry needs you to draw up a menu for the banquet that he is giving:

• What food will you serve?

• What drinks will you serve?

• What sort of meats would you serve for the main course?

• Which part of the animal would you serve? Trotters? Tongue? Ears? Wings? Rump? Shoulder?

• How would it be cooked? Roasted? Boiled? Baked? Stewed?

• What would you serve with the meats?

• What desserts would you serve?

Use the internet and books to produce a menu for an authentic Tudor banquet. (Level 3 – find answers using sources of information/show knowledge of main periods studied).

If you are really interested in this topic, perhaps you might like to research Tudor food and ingredients to make a Tudor recipe book or fact file (Level 4 Point out changes within and across periods of time/give reasons for change/select and combine information from different sources):

How does Tudor food differ from modern cooking? What common modern ingredients did they not have access to? What did they use instead? Were there any curious customs involving food? Where did the ingredients come from? How would Henry’s food differ from what a poor person would eat?

Perhaps you may even want to cook a Tudor recipe. Photograph the result and include this in your project together with any comments about how it tastes. For those who are really keen to see it first hand, Hampton Court has live cookery demonstrations 27 December – 2nd January: http://www.hrp.org.uk/HamptonCourtPalace/WhatsOn/tudorcookery

You will have the opportunity to attend a Tudor banquet on December 13th as part of Tudor Day. You may present your project as an ICT presentation, a podcast, a cookery programme on video or on paper. Some of the best presentations may be uploaded on the @mountsbridgewater blog page.

Lots of books have sections on Tudor food, including Terry Deary’s ‘Terrible Tudors’. Internet links can be found on the right hand side of this page under Tudor Food.

For those who would prefer not to have to work over the holidays, you may hand your work in before the Christmas holiday if you wish. The king has requested that you provide him with your sample menus by Friday 6th January 2012.

The penalty for those who do not hand in their project on time!


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  1. very imagenative!

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