Some more complex sentences.

On Friday we extended some more simple sentences into more imaginative creations:

“The cat walked down the road” and “The man looked at some stuff in the window” became:

In the darkness of the mist, an old unloved tabby cat came creeping along the pebbly, narrow road – Phoebe

Drenched and abandoned, a shrivelled-up, scratched and scared tabby cat limped precariously down the bombarded dirt track – Emily.

“I didn’t know that it smelt so bad around here,” thought the tatty ginger cat as he strolled down the dusty, damp road, which really did stink because there were dustbins filled with mouldy banana skins and half eaten rotten apple cores – Isabelle.

The chubby man stood looking gormlessly at the model of a beautiful orange Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Toys R Us – James.

Rumble, rumble went the cat’s lime green tank as he tore down the road, crushing cats that walked across it – Zachary


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