Georgia’s Myth: how Lava was created.

Penny and Georgia worked together on developing this story. This is Georgia’s version:

Long Long ago before cave man time there lived a little God his name was the Laughing God. His mother went on many journeys to diffrent realms and places. The Laughing god settled in on the Great Red Mountin. He decided to get married to this beatiful Goddess called Violet who Brought coulor to the world. One day his mother came to visit. She had to leave for another adventure. as soon as Laughing Gods mum left he was so upset. He started to cry nothing could stop him, not even his beatiful wife. He cried and he cried until the mountin was coverd with his tears. Just then he stopped his tears were turning into red Hot stuff. Laughing God decided to call it Lava and thats how Lava came to the world.


2 responses to “Georgia’s Myth: how Lava was created.

  1. I think that the myth you wrote is very interesting and I rearlly like the start of it.

  2. Well done Penny + Georgia!

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