How the Moles lost their Sight

This week Zachary and Bea developed a myth to explain how Moles lost their eyesight:


Many tunnels ago in a giant cavern the mole meeting was commencing. Suddenly the great Mole announced he was going to make a new cavern, so everyone followed him digging. Then the Great Mole said Why do I need eyes if it is so dark underground so he told every other mole to close their eyes and carried on digging. So they kept digging and digging and digging but because their eyes were closed they didn’t know where to build a cavern. Finally they got to the centre of the earth. When everyone was in he told them to open their eyes, so they did.And when they opened them, they got blinded.


Many tunnels ago the Great Mole was hosting the greatest dig in history. All the moles were coming to dig all around the world and back.  Later once they were ready to set of, the Great Mole first. When they had all dug for at least a day the Great Mole thought to himself ‘Why do we have eyes? We don’t need them because it is so dark and brow here.’ So he ordered his moles to shut their eyes and figure which way to go, but still follow him. Days later the Great Mole bashed his head against something hard so he opened his eyes. That was hard because he had had his eyes shut for so long. The brightness filled his vision and blinded him and all the other moles. At last when they got back they hadn’t completed their task and lost their sight.


4 responses to “How the Moles lost their Sight

  1. good description Bea! love mummy xxxx

  2. Bea + Zachary these storys are so good! I love how you both started with ‘many tunnels ago’ that was so discriptive and much different from the others, which is a good thing. Well done Bea + Zachary, you make us all proud, and you show what fantastic work Mr Heritage teaches us. Well done you 2! I hope you keep writing wonderful storys + myths just like these, with brilliant discription! You make us all proud!

  3. Well done bea+Zachary your stories were amazing! I liked the way you started with many tunnels ago!

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