How the Volcano was invented by Phoebe

A long time ago before time was even invented lived the godess of the mountains.  She was young and had to get married. Her father demanded her to marry the best, the god of earth.

So as soon as possible they did but sooner or later the god of earth was not very happy about the way she was treating him. “She was never there, always creating mountains.”

The godess of mountains wasn’t very happy about him “for not helping or doing anything on earth”. All the gods were agreeing with her but noone was agreeing with the god of earth and that night he couldn’t get it out of his mind and still furious , intimidating and angry he went to the nearest mountain and pushed and pushed till the mountain was hard rock and red hot lava was pouring out of it like a herd of red elephants charging down a mountain.


One response to “How the Volcano was invented by Phoebe

  1. This is fantastic, though you did spell none wrong and you did have a was when you should of had a were, but otherwise it explains exactly what it needs to about the volcanoes and how they were formed. I am very proud of you Phoebe. Hang on, which Phoebe are you.? You’re Phoebe in the middle row aren’t you? Well, I think you are anyway! Well, whichever Phoebe you are, your writing was still astonishing [in a good way]. So well done Phoebe, and I hope you write many more fantastic storys or myths.

    Editor has removed surnames to comply with site rules.

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