Alfie’s Creation Myth: Why can’t animals speak?

Many mountains ago in a place that we now call Egypt the world was a happy and joyful place. God was happy with his wonderful creations and was sure his world was fine until one day. Let me tell you about it.

God was peering down on the world when he suddenly realised that animals couldn’t talk. So he created a boy named Anthony to do it. He ordered him to collect 3 beanstalk stems, the longest petal from the tallest sunflower and a drop of water from the river nile and chop them. Anthony drew a circle in the ground and sprinkled the ingredients about the circle and a roaring fire suddenly appeared. Every month an animal could step in and talk. It was the otter first, the bat, the frog and cheetah. Until one was left, the meerkat. But there was no fire left. The animals knew they must ask god for fire.

The beaver threw a message up and so did chipmunk, but no animal actually spoke apart from Anthony. God realised this and banned animals from speaking and gave humans fire.

And that’s why animals can’t speak today.



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