How Lava came to Earth – Penny’s tale

A couple of days ago we posted Georgia’s story. Penny and Georgia both worked on this story in the lesson, telling and retelling it to each other.  Here is Penny’s alternative written version:

In the time before cave men there was a little boy called the laughing god. His mother was known for all of the adventures she had been on. The laughing god decided to live on the Red Mountain. Once he settled in he thought he would like a wife so he decided to get married. He married the prettiest girl in the land called Violet and she could turn anything purple with the touch of her hand. Then his mother arrived to see how he was doing, but once she had left the laughing god burst into tears. No one could cheer him up.  Not even his beautiful wife could cheer him up.

Once stopped crying he only noticed that he had filled the whole Red Mountain with his tears. But then suddenly the tears turned red and went steaming hot. And that’s how lava came to earth.


One response to “How Lava came to Earth – Penny’s tale

  1. Wow, what an interesting story, I have never thought about why we have lava, but this myth really helps to make sense to why it does exists.

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