Alice’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

This morning I was on duty when I saw Bill ASLEEP! I saw the bosun coming up behind. A few minutes later I was flogging Bill with the cat o’nine. I can hear the screaming as I’m writing. Next Captain Fiddler threw the water onto him. It was terrible. Conditionas are terrible with dried biscuits with maggots and mouldy water for breakfast. I had to empty the poo buckets and climb the rigging to go to the crow’s nest in the stormiest weather.

A few hours later in a countries port we were collecting stores and then I saw a fight between between two men for some pork. Must be drunk I thought.

On board the ship Captain Fiddler said the place he was going to call New England. Now I have to go to bed before my duty.


5 responses to “Alice’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

  1. The first line or two pulled me in so much I just had to keep reading.
    When I’d finished reading it I just had to write a comment about it, it was so good. I loved the way you put ‘asleep’ in capitals, I think it helps you draw people’s attention. So very well done to Alice and if you keep writing diarys like that and putting them on the blog I will be on this website, quicker than you can say Enid Blyton, and commenting!

  2. Phoebe(not the other one)

    Wow you are very descriptive with your writing. It’s a great piece

  3. you are a good writer try and publish

  4. Excellent writing I felt like I was on the ship and watching the events unfold! Keep up this fantastic work. My class are doing recounts in the life of a Tudor sailor I only hope I get some beautiful work like this.

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