Hollie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Today I was up on the crows nest and the ship was going from side to side all of a sudden I fell off so then I had to go to the barber surgen Peter. I had to sit down, drink some rum then bite something. people had to hold me down while the barber surgeon cut my leg off. After that I can hardly do anything so then I kept on geting told of for a while today becuase I couldn’t do much. The captain found out I had been to the barber sergon and ot my leg cut of so then I had dinner. I had some dride biscits with magets in it.

Tools of the Barber-Surgeon's trade from the wreck of the Mary Rose


3 responses to “Hollie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

  1. phoebe (not the other one)

    I think that was rearlly intresting

  2. this was very intresting. [as not the other phoebe said]
    It told exactly what it needed to and you can learn alot from just reading it.
    Very well done to Hollie. Well done!

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