Zachary’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was my first day at sea. It was horrible. As soon as I got up from bed I could smell the bilge which put me straight off my appetite. After that I crept up the steps and as soon as I got to the top of the stairs the captain yelled at me, “you there, up the crow’s nest’.

Slowly I climbed the rigging and hid as the ship swayed from side to side, till the bosun yeld at me “what can you see from up there boy.” Slowly I got up and scanned the horizon. Suddenly I spotted a Spanish flag flying and yelled “Spanish flag.” Constantly shouting orders below as I hid in the crow’s nest, suddenly somebody yelled “get down from there boy, we need all the men we’ve got.”


3 responses to “Zachary’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

  1. Very creative and imaginative

  2. Very discriptive. Well done Zachary. I very much enjoyed reading your diary.
    It made me really think about what it was like as a tudor sailor. Guess what, I definatly wouldn’t want to be one. Well, I kind feel sorry for the people who got whipped. Though they probably diserved to be flogged or punished.
    Anyway, very well done to you Zachary!

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