English Enrichment

Due date:  Monday 20th February (straight after half term)

Background:  We have been studying myths, legends, traditional stories and fables at school.  In class you have had a chance to read and write a good selection of these.  You now know all about these types of stories and their features.

 Task:  You have to write your own traditional fable, applying what you have learned at school.   You will have to come and tell your story to the class after half term and your work will be peer-assessed by your class.

You can present your story in any way and we encourage you to be creative and to really show us what you can do.  Below is a list of possible ways in which you can present your story to the class:

  1. Handwrite your story and draw your own illustrations
  2. Type your story in Word and use clipart pictures to illustrate it
  3. Make a PowerPoint presentation of your story and use some of the features of the program such as text and sound effects
  4. Storyboard – a template is on Moodle, but you may use your own https://moodle.bridgewater.herts.sch.uk/
  5. Story flow chart – a template and example can be found on Moodle, but you may use your own
  6. Cartoon – there are two templates on Moodle, but you may use your own design
  7. Story cube – a template net can be found on Moodle, but you may make your own
  8. Audio recording of you reading your story
  9. Video of you telling your story

There are a variety of sheets and resources available on Moodle that might help you plan your story.  We encourage you to have a look at these.  Remember to ask your teacher if you are unsure about what to do, but most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT!!


One response to “English Enrichment

  1. I can’t wait to hear/see what people have done for this Enrichment Project! Good Luck!

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