The Panda and the Frog by Bea

Our 100th post!!

Bea has created something really special for you. Are you sitting comfortably for a story? …..


19 responses to “The Panda and the Frog by Bea

  1. I think this is the best!
    (Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?)

  2. Bea, what a fantastic story! We really enjoyed watching it and all your hard work and efforts paid off. Moneybury base and Mrs Boemer

  3. Bea this must of taken ages to do! But all the hard work paid off! Katie

  4. Yep! It did! (with help from my Dad……)

  5. Bea this is amazing. You must have worked very hard on that. I’m glad we have so many good writers in our class. You made me so proud!

  6. Well done this was great . I would say this is a great adaption of a well known fable. That hard work was really good

  7. hey bea that was amazing all that hard work payed off 🙂

  8. soooooooooo cool Bea!

  9. well done bea thats really good

  10. lovely story bea i loved it all your hard work pade of it must have taken you a long tme to do. i love it from georgina

  11. I showed your video to all the Bridgewater teachers at the staff meeting this evening. They were all very impressed. We love your expressive narration.

  12. What a lovely film – well done Bea!

  13. Bea's Grandma

    I am so proud of you. Brilliant.

  14. That is AMAZING!!!

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