Alfie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

My first day at sea today did I like it – no. The Golden Hind is massive and beautiful. When I first got on the ship the captain showed me to my room – OK not a room a hammock. I was next to a man named Phil about 30 I liked him and we had a chat. My sailors chest is almost full with chess, food and all my possessions. later on I heard screaming I quickly dashed up from the main gun deck (where I work) to see what was going on. I realised Phil was being whipped I hated having to watch  this but many men just kept laughing and drinking beer. When Phil came back from being whipped I asked he’d done but he just turned away then he came back and pounded me, I was bleeding. Then I puched him back but soon stopped after I heard footsteps. I was asked to empty the dirty toilet buckets on my first day.The perfect thing to do before tea. Tea was ships biscuits many ate theirs in the dark I wondered why until I took a bite. Maggots!!! I almost puked but composed myself till night.



3 responses to “Alfie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

  1. Phoebe(not the other one)

    That Is a great piece of writing it really describes what happends on ships in Tudor times.I really like the end part about the maggots

  2. I also think this is a great piece of writing ! Why was phil being whipped ? why did he pound you on the back ? great use of suspense

  3. Well done Alfie! Very good!

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