Angus’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

It is 1578 aboard the Golden Hind. Today is the 17th October. It is night and we’re still sailing. It is strange, we don’t usually sail at night. I have noticed that Captain Drake seems slightly bothered lately. Maybe it’s because he suspects we’re being chased by the Spanish (spit spit spit).

Life aboard ship is hard. I have no idea where we are although rumours say we just sailed round the tip of a place called Emerica.

Earlier today I was firmly told by Captain Drake to go up to the crows nest. Then he told me in a hoarse whisper to watch out for the Spanish ships. I can’t believe how much you get rocked about up there. I felt quite sick after 10 minutes I came down the rigging and was bled arrgh that hurt.

Later I was asked to help with an amputation. I do not like helping out with amputations. I was asked to hold down the unlucky person about to become an amputee!


3 responses to “Angus’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

  1. I like this discriptive diary, Angus.

  2. Thanks I hoped a history piece of mine would go on the blog.


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