RE Enrichment

The Task

The children will have made a Zig-zag book in their lessons in week commencing 27th February and will have started on the task in the lesson. The enrichment task is make an illustrated book with the story of The Creation according to Jewish and Christian writings.

The booklet should feature a cover, six inside pages and a back cover.

The  front cover should have the title and your name: eg “The Creation by Andrew Smith”; the page should feature a front cover illustration to make it look like a book cover.

Each following page will each need a caption to explain what was created on that day eg “On the second day God separated the seas from the sky and created the Firmament.”

 Here is a summary of the 7 days:

  • Page 1 (inner front cover) to show the 1st day of Creation: Day, Night, Time.
  • Page 2: Day 2: The creation of the firmament/the separation of sea from sky; [the creation of the atmosphere]
  • Page 3: Day 3: Dry land, plants
  • Page 4: Day 4: Sun and Moon
  • Page 5: Day 5: Sea animals and flying creatures
  • Page 6 (inner back cover): Day 6: Land animals, man
  • Page 7: (the back cover): A day of rest [Shabbat]

The book needs to be handed in by Friday 9th of March. It will not be levelled against the National Curriculum, but an effort grade will be given. The books need to be colourful and well presented. The zig-zag books themselves will be kept for an open evening display in the summer term and will be returned at the end of the year.

If you want to scan a copy for yourself in an interactive ICT format, allows you to convert pdf files into interactive ICT books with flipping pages (you will need a parent to create a free account).

Useful web sites:

The story is widely available in book form. You will find it at the beginning of The Bible or the Torah.

Various versions of the story can be found by typing “Genesis Creation Story” into a search engine.


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