End of Term

Well done everyone. Two thirds of the way through the year.

Congratulations to Rowan who won a Citizenship award.

Class role models this term are Alfie S and Isabelle, who led the Class Dojo behaviour chart. They were closely followed by Bea and Hollie. Totals go back to zero again next term, so see if you can get your name on the leader board next time.

Well done to everyone who took part in the end of term concert on Wednesday: Phoebe, Grace, Zachary, Rowan, Isabelle, Molly, Angus, Alice and Alfie S.

Well done to Callum who came 9th over all in the whole school and was the first Year 5 pupil home in the Sport Relief Fun run last week. He also raised over £250 in sponsorship. Well done to Sammy who won the Fancy Dress prize for best dressed participant – the Force was obviously with him last week.




3 responses to “End of Term

  1. bealovespandas

    Can anyone tell the difference???

  2. bealovespandas

    It can’t be two thirds through the year! It has to go really quickly when we come, doesn’t it???

  3. Which one is Yoda !?!? END OF TERM !!

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