What Mr H has been up to this Easter

As part of the RSC Open Stages Regional Showcase, your teacher will be narrating and appearing in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Questors Theatre, Ealing Playhouse on Saturday 14th April.

The story tells of a King Leontes, who is consumed by jealousy and tries to destroy his family. Luckily and unknown to him, his wife is rescued and his daughter is smuggled to another country to be brought up as a shepherd’s daughter. The king realises his mistake too late to undo his actions and he is left to contemplate what he has lost for sixteen years, until one day he is reunited with his lost wife and child with the aid of a miraculous trick, when the ‘statue’ of his wife begins to move….

The play contains one of the most famous stage directions in the history of theatre when Antigonus has to “exit, pursed by a bear”.



One response to “What Mr H has been up to this Easter

  1. Hope you enjoy your show clap clap clap applause .

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