Eyam Diary by Leila from Hastoe

Dear Diary,

Today William Mompesson was asking us if we should stay or leave. Half of us wanted to leave, the other half wanted to stay so William Mompesson said “we will have a vote”.

In Eyam we have two hundred and ninety two people alive. If we stay, one person might get the plague, we would all catch the plague and then we will all die. But if we leave and go to Morocco, the Moon or Scotland, we will not die of the plague!

Some of the people (on the ‘stay’ side) said “we’ve got excellent ideas. Why don’t we get a bottle, put some coins in it, put some sort of liquid in it and put the bottle in the nearest village.” “But then you’ll get the plague. It just won’t work!” said our side. I hated today.

Mary Parke


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