Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Lily’s Eyam Diary

All of this has been so much trouble! None of my family are alive except me and my dog. We have just had a conversation about whether we should stay or leave Eyam. I feel so sad about the fact that I have to bury my wife and children and one of them was only three years old. Another thing, people leave food for us on these stones and do not leave any message who they are what they are. I miss my friends and family from other villages and I am worried that they will have got the plague. Ever since the tailor died more people are dying and our population has decreased quite dramatically. William Mompesson himself thought it was a good idea to stay here because if we die it’s not that important, so if we stay other people in more important cities will live. Now we barely have any people left in our village and now thoughts keep running through my head on what to do and now I’m really confused…..


2 responses to “Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Lily’s Eyam Diary

  1. wow lily that was amazing

  2. That has soo many creative sentances in it! 10/10 for you!

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