Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Oscar J’s Eyam Diary

Dear Diary,

Summer 1665

Today my friend Alex the tailor died a week after he got a parcel delivered to him. There was a horrible black egg sized boils all over him and he was puking totting smelling sick. So we had a meeting to decide what to do and Rector Mompesson made us stay here instead of fleeing to Sheffield…..

Winter 1665

People are dropping like flies. I mean only last month my sister died with terrible swellings and dark patches all over her. I still think we should of gone to Sheffield. We got food by people leaving food outside the village then we leave money in a tank of vinegar for them to collect. Anyway bye for today.

November 1666 been here for nearly a year and a half. I still haven’t died. It must be a record, wait, oh no I think I’ve got the plague ….. ugghh [the manuscript ends abruptly with a large pen mark]


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