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Lenny’s Maths Homework



Birthday Thanks


Cheers Georgia!

Thank you to everyone at Bridgewater that made my birthday such fun. I’ve always had a birthday during half term. This is the first ever one I’ve had at school and with the concert that night I’ve NEVER had so many people wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ before.

Thanks to Georgia for the mug. I’m using it now while I write your reports!

Mounts Apprentice

Mounts took part in a Junior Apprentice style challenge to design and market a new soft drink aimed at children. The teams had to make a two minute presentation, design a poster campaign and to script an advert for their new product.

The winners were Team ‘Boom’ who just triumphed over Thi-Sen. Although the modern branding of Thi-Sen was appreciated, Boom had the punchier advert, an eye-catching poster and Angus used lots of persuasive connectives in his speech. Well done to Phoebe, Angus, Grace, Callum, Sammy and Project leader Georgia.

Tropical Trio by Isabelle, Luca, Alice, Finlay, Zachary & Ollie


Kapow Soft Drink by Rowan, Phoebe, Olivia, Louis & Alfie


Thi-Sen Product update


New Thi-Sen Soft Drink by Alfie, Molly, Nicholas, Bea & Alex