The Berkhamsted Games 2012


The Berkhamsted games were amazing! Just before ten o’clock we made our way down to the field. It was already buzzing with many other schools. It was a beautiful day! At ten o’clock on the dot the opening ceremony began. Different schools paraded up and down the school field showing off their different countries. When all the schools had showed off their beautiful costumes and props the Head began her leg of the torch relay. The crowd went wild! Soon after the Mrs Swaffield had finished all her announcements, we made our way to the place we would meet after all our events. I was then called to run my 800 metres. My nerves were bubbling inside me. I had to do well, I just had to. I stood on the start line, ready for the whistle to blow. It went, I powered off the start line.Unfortunately I was left at the back, but I didn’t worry as I ended up in 2nd place. I stood triumphantly on the winners’ podium, beaming like mad.


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