….. and welcome to the new Mounts.

This week we are saying farewell to Mounts as they move on up into Year 6. But now we have a whole new batch of learners, whose creativity will feature highly in the coming year.

Welcome to:

Will, Amelia, Katy, Libby, Harry, Skye, Izobella, Lizzie, Louis, Alex, Cameron, Thea, Fin, Luke, Cerys, Melody, Xavi, Louisa, Maddie, Meadow, Jessica, Eve, Freddie, Abi and Fin.

Please do feel free to write comments on the different blog entries or use it to send in any interesting writing you do over the summer. If you read anything good, write about it in the Book Talk section. You will be asked for an email address to confirm your identity when you first post:  Remember to ask your parents’ permission first, but only Mr Heritage has access to this information and this is never used to contact anyone or send out any unwanted mailings. We work with first names only on this blog (do read the ‘Blogging Guidelines’ tab to find out more how it operates).

Have a great holiday and we look forward to working with you all from September.


8 responses to “….. and welcome to the new Mounts.

  1. I had a great time on transition day and I can’t wait to come back in September!

    • Welcome to Mounts. I genuinely am very excited to meet all of you. Can’t wait to start working with you in September.

      PS *Sternest teacher voice* I hope you asked your parents’ permission before you signed up to the blog!

  2. Welcome to everyone who is coming into Mounts! It is the best class of Yr5!
    Mr H is fantastic!

    • Here is a poem I wrote for all the new Yr5’s:
      Starting school can be strange,
      Classes will give you a bigger range.
      Teachers will expect you to look neat,
      So look smart while sitting in your seat.
      You will make more friends,
      But make sure to top up on your pens!
      Your new school will be great,
      But remember not to be late!

  3. Phoebelovesmonkeys

    Good luck on your first week. You will love it.

    • Remember Phoebe’s words when you are learning all those new Bridgewater ways of doing things. All those things to remember: tucking your shirt in, planners, reading to parents, homework routines, PE routines, etc.

  4. good luck new Mounts members.

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