Passing the Baton…..

Tomorrow Mounts will spend the day with their new Year 6 teacher and a brand new class moves into Mounts.

Goodbye Emily, Molly, Jamie, Georgia, Phoebe, Sammy, Phoebe, Alfie, Luca, Grace, Penny, Alex, Olivia, Alice, Hollie, Callum, Finlay, Rowan, Angus, Nicholas, Isabelle, Alfie, Charlie, Louis, Zachary, Ollie, Bea and James. We’ll all be sad to see you go – you have all been an inspiration and your work will live on on this website.

I hope that you all continue to leave comments and interact with the blog, both over the summer and next year when there will be a whole new batch of writers and contributors. The blog page will be occasionally updated over the summer holidays, as your teacher will not be travelling all that far this year. He’s appearing in the background at the Pendley Shakespeare Festival ( while trying to learn his lines for a musical project in October.

Tomorrow the new Mounts will be revealed…..


2 responses to “Passing the Baton…..

  1. I want to go up to Bulbourne but I want to stay in Mounts! :(:
    ( :-I )

  2. Gooooooood bye Mr Heritage I’ll miss you! Look after the new year 5’s

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