Amelia’s Secret

My Secret
My secret is made from….
A mighty kingfisher’s heart strings,
The stealth of a stalking panther,
The dragon fly’s wing beat and 
A lion heart’s bravest hour.
It was found….
On the highest peak of the earth
Placed there by a mighty eagle
Cracked from a diamond
Of an owl’s amber eye.
My secret can….
Powder gold as fine as flour
Crumble silver to your heart’s desire
Melt bronze as fast as ice
Sculpt jewels to precision.
If I lost my secret
the colour would leave even the pinkest flamingo’s cheeks.

6 responses to “Amelia’s Secret

  1. Phoebelovesmonkeys

    That a great secret I loved the part, lions
    Heart’s bravest honour.

  2. I love this poem – to make it your own change it from a ‘secret’ to something else, e.g. a dream, a wish….

  3. I think this is a remarkably mature piece of work. I showed it to one friend and he refused to believe that you were nine years old or you must have had your mum’s help at home. Another friend said he couldn’t write like that and he is 18!

    I forwarded this to Pie Corbett himself and he has retweeted the link to this poem for other people to take a look.

  4. really good!!!! 🙂

  5. amelialovesbunnies!!!!!!!

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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