Evie’s Secret

My Secret

My secret is made from a dove, gracefully landing on top of a blush-pink water lily,
A pair of shimmering leather shoes that were once worn by Neil Armstrong,
The smell of freshly made bread, wafting onto the bustling streets below,
A fountain pen, it’s ink imported from Malaysia,

I found it in the centre of Mount Everist,
Surrounded by millions of Meercats,
Who are desperately trying to construct a giant rubber band,
And when they succeed, it will be catapulted all the way round the world at the speed of light,

This secret can make even the oldest gravestones explode,
Look into eternity,
Plan the next war,

If I lost this secret even the scariest piranas would become vegetarians.



3 responses to “Evie’s Secret

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poem is on a website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A powerful secret indeed. The verse about what it can do is full of power and foreboding. I love the idea of looking into eternity.

  3. Interesting!!!! 🙂

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