Harry’s Secret

My Secret

My secret is made from –
a dustbin round the empty corner of a Manchester street where rats squeak all night long,
a calm swaying wave caught in the middle of nowhere,
a spiky yellow cactus in the Kalahari desert in a patch of blue sand.
My secret was found –
in a Maltesers packet at the top of a quarter pipe at a packed skate park where a giant gust of wind blew it to Nando’s Fine Cuisine where an elephant gobbled it down silently.
My secret can –
destroy even the strongest piece of rock,
speed to a far and ancient galaxy in the click of a finger,
rule every country with a stomp of its foot.
If I lost this secret
even the elderly would stop and stare.

4 responses to “Harry’s Secret

  1. Wow! This came from my child? Amazing :))
    Bex aka Very Proud Mum!

  2. My favourite line is the one with the spiky yellow cactus in the Kalahari – I love the wonderful rhythmic alliterative C sounds.

  3. I agree – and loving that his African roots are showing through despite his resistance to supporting the South African half of him (i.e me!) when it comes to Rugby and Cricket! Shows there’s a little African heart in there somewhere 😉

  4. I like it, it is very interesting

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