When the Teacher Turns His Back

Yesterday we wrote a list poem, using ideas from Pie Corbett and Paul Cookson’s ‘When the Teacher Turns Their Back’ as an example. Our version doesn’t rhyme. Here are some of the best examples collected into a group poem:

When the Teacher Turns His Back –
Louisa paints the pirate flag bright pink,
Meadow does the Mobot, after triumphantly winning the ‘Penguin Race’,
Lizzie, thinking she is Spiderwoman, climbs the walls and swings on the projector,
Katy feeds Skye’s snack to her orange hairy monster,
Luke jumps from the table, grabs on to the pirate flag saying “Aha, I’m Jack Sparrow”,
The whole class move the tables to a boxing ring and take it in turns to have fist fights,
William turns into a zombie and eats everyone’s heads,
Alex falls asleep in the stock cupboard.

Yes, we have our own pirate flag in Mounts,
just by the door.


4 responses to “When the Teacher Turns His Back

  1. I’m treating it as a signed confession and everyone concerned will be in detention for the next week!

  2. Really cool and funny! What goes on in your lessons Mr Heritage?? 🙂

  3. Mr Heritage must have alot of clearing up to do!!!!!! 🙂

  4. note to M.R Heritige dont turn your back when mounts class are about!

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