Amelia’s War Diary

I woke up with the sun shining brightly slashing onto my pillow. I knew something was wrong there was cheering and crowds outside my window. I ran to my curtains and pulled them open suddenly a huge union jack hit my window just inches from my face. I saw Ollie waving me down then I remembered every man must go to war and if we don’t we will be cowards and we will get a white feather.  I must go.  I got my money and I got dressed then I tore downstairs. Out I whent just in time to sign up with Ollie. “Attention!” roared a booming voice then the sun was blocked around me I turned around…. It was Colonel Kitten himself. I gasped. His moustache quivered then he handed me a shilling, a whole shilling from Colonel Kitten! “All Right, let’s see how you tow march left right left right.” We marched awey from the town hall and out of the village over the hills and out of sight.


One response to “Amelia’s War Diary

  1. Gr8 work Amelia!!!! I have got a clear picture what is going on!!!!!

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