Maddie’s Letter from Ashridge Training Camp

Dear Mum and Dad,

When we were on the train it was packed full with people, I started to feel a little less excited. When we arrived the sergeant shouted “Attention” and we had to salute at him and march on, it was really scary because the sergeant shouted at me until he went bright purple and the veins on his forehead bulged out like river terns! Anyway, we practiced target shooting and that was quite fun except the leader was really strict, but I hit the centre of the target with my riflegun – I was really happy. When we went to bed (at 11 o’clock) we slept in a tiny tent with really small beds (they were sleeping bags) and I were really really tired because they woke us up at 5am because we had to do more training. And we had porridge for breakfast and it is really disgusting! I really miss you.


One response to “Maddie’s Letter from Ashridge Training Camp

  1. Gr8 work Maddie!!!

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