Basic Training by Luke

Dear Mum,

I turned up at the training it was a massive field. I was with a commander callled Commander Wensley. I did practice drills with Bob he was a boy from my university. He was very naughty he did a left tern instead of a right tern because I trust him I terned the wrong way to so me and Bob got a charge. We were on cookhouse duty for the next week. Those patatoes were so big it took me 25 minutes to peel one. The next week was bayonet training it was so disgusting but fun. I was scared thinking I could be a bad person killing people. In the morning we have to eat a very small meal every Breakfast, Lunch and Diner. I saw a man click a mans neck and his face went red he had steam coming out of his ears then he saw me looking at him he came storming over to many punched and kicked and shouted and swore. I was so angry I shouted realy hard “stop bullying me” and I’m in solitary confinement for a week…..

Ashridge Training Camp 1914


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