Libby’s Letter from Ashridge Camp

Dear Mum and Dad,

Today was not a good day. It was the first day of training and we practiced bayonet drill you have to scream your lungs out and charge at some sacks with your guns which have a bayonet on the end of them you literally have to shout at the top of your voice and run, its very overpowering. I’ve decided to write this letter in the tent. I’m lucky to have a uniform because some of us have to train in their normal clothes. I hate the sergeant he was shouting at me and when he shouts his face goes bright  red. Even his bald head goes as shiny as a beatle’s wing! He spits when he shouts  to. And you get bits of food in your face when he screams at you. He is short and muscly and the punichments are pointless as ever! Like the time when he ade Bob paint some coal black (oh yes mum you will be pleased to hear that I have made a friend Bob hes real nice) Have a nice day Mum and Dad.

Love from Steve

PS Don’t forget to give Buster our cat a treat from me ! (maybe some chicken)


One response to “Libby’s Letter from Ashridge Camp

  1. Good work Libby!!

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