Alex’s Star Poem

For the National Poetry Day earlier this month we composed poems on the theme of stars. The entries were judged by a school panel of English expert. Mounts were particularly successful in the Year 5 competition:

Lizzie’s poem ‘ I have to Write a Stupid Poem’ was Commended by the judges

Evie’s ‘Sun, Moon, Jupiter Revealed’ Was Highly Commended

Here is Alex’s winning poem:

A Star is
A star is a blazing light in the sky,
Glittering, twinkling.
A star is a shiny golden coin
Bouncing in the Mediterranean sands.
A star is a blustery light in the sky,
Glowing brightly.
A star is found in a trapdoor in the sky,
Beaming down.
A star is a peace of rock,
Fired from a catapult,
Into the darkness above.

4 responses to “Alex’s Star Poem

  1. Gr8 poem Alex.

  2. Well done about winning Alex. It really is a great poem.

  3. I love it alex

  4. i love it alex it a great poem to write about and well done about winning alex i like reading it every time i see the picture it makes me feel that i want to read it for some reason

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