Evie’s Trench Diary

16th October 1916

Dear Diary,
There’s no hope for me. Living in a trench there’s constantly a sense of foreboding. The ditch sticks out like a sore thumb in a drab landscape. It reminds me of a gash over a heart. Everyone’s in distress.
I’m longing for my family. Last night I went into No-man’s land. It was vile. I had volunteered to take the communication wire. Walking out into the dreary landscape I suddenly got caught in a flare. I staggered to the ground, face down in the sludge. Now the flare had gone out, I cautiously climbed to my feet and ran for it. I belted across No-man’s land, put up the wire and sprinted back. My best friend came with me but he didn’t make it on the journey back.

One response to “Evie’s Trench Diary

  1. good descriptive writing

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