Fin M’s Trench Diary

16th October 1916

I hate it here all the bread is mouldy and the jam is wram. Its DISCUSTING. My best friend had to eat a rat it was because we dared him to do it. Well this isn’t brilliant. When the sergeant shouts his face goes red and everyone gets embarrased. We got given a mission last night I almost got killed I could feel a chill go through my body. I tell you what I had to do last night I HAD TO GO TO NO MANS LAND. I had to run across no mans land a flair spitted across no mans land. I was on the floor for seven minutes, mud blowing up my nose. Mud stinks. I may not be going back for Christmas.


One response to “Fin M’s Trench Diary

  1. I like the way you put important things in capitals!

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