Harry’s Trench Diary

23rd October 1916

We are travelling to the trenches in the small London buses. I can see the silhouette of a pale-white skeletal church towering above us, I give a slight jerk. As we arrive in the trenches I have a flashback of my home with the comfy furniture, my wife and my children. The trenches look like an unfinished board game. Suddenly someone shouts “go, go, go And people started running out the back of the busses like a mouse that has spotted cheese. I ran into the trench and started following people. “I bet from above it now looks like a finished boardgame” I whispered to myself. Moments later I get told by someone, I dive into a dugout and lay down, instantly I close my eyes….

One response to “Harry’s Trench Diary

  1. I like the use of similes.

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