Izobella’s Trench Diary

23rd October 1916

Dear Diary,
I hate it here it’s horrible, my life is ruined. We have arrived all the trenches are horrible it smells discusting it smells damp and like a stail loaf of bread. The trenches are stuffed with spiders. Why did I join the war I feel homesick.
Later that day I could hear shouting and loads of bombs exploding they nearly burst my ear drum. I hate it please help me. My friend got killed I’m so sad. Last night was the worst night I was stranded in No Mans land I nearly got killed they shot my leg.

One response to “Izobella’s Trench Diary

  1. Izzy, I love how u s said about how u were stranded on no mans land and u got yr leg shot it is gr8

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