Lizzie’s Trench Diary

We are in the trenches and I hate it here. There is hardly any food so we have to eat rats. We are trapped in the trenches so we have hardly any room to walk around in. I can hear all the deathening sounds from the rainbows of red, yellow and orange explosions. Every time a bomb explodes the ground shakes like an earthquake. Hardly anyone dares to go into no mans land and when they do they either die or run back in terror. I know I won’t be back by Christmas. I thought war would be bad but not this bad. All my friends are as scared as I am. I don’t blame them its scareyer than being chased by a monster in the middle of the night. There is holes everywhere like loads of giant moles have dug them.



2 responses to “Lizzie’s Trench Diary

  1. I like the way you contrast something good like a rainbow with something bad like a war.

  2. Imogen and Rachel (Trainee Teachers)

    Great descriptive writing! It really creates a powerful image.

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